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Spanish Language CLEP*

The only exam prep course for the Spanish Language CLEP exam that thoroughly prepares you no matter what your current level of Spanish is. This course includes full-length practice exams, audio practice questions, and for complete beginners, a complete 50-day Spanish course that teaches two years worth of college grammar and vocabulary.

About the CLEP Exam

The Spanish Language CLEP* exam covers what you would learn in two to four semesters of college Spanish language classes, testing both your listening comprehension as well as your reading comprehension and understanding of Spanish grammar concepts. It consists of a total of about 120 questions to be answered in about 90 minutes. For a more detailed look at what is on the exam, see our article, "About the Spanish Language CLEP Exam".

What is Covered in Our Course

Studying for a language exam is different than studying for other CLEP exams. You cannot fake listening comprehension or guess when it comes to proper grammar. That's why InstantCert's course for the Spanish CLEP is a completely custom approach, different from the rest of our study guides.

InstantCert offers a "total preparation" approach to the Spanish CLEP exam. That means you do as much (or as little) study as you need to pass the Spanish CLEP. The goal of this course is to identify your weaknesses, whether that be listening comprehension, reading, grammar, or all of the above, and provide easy, fun-to-use activities to develop those skills. There are three main parts to our course.

Part 1: Spanish CLEP Practice Tests

We offer three 120-question practice tests designed to simulate the actual exams. Each Spanish CLEP Practice Test is timed and broken down into three sections (two audio sections and one reading section), just like the real CLEP exam. If you have any background knowledge in Spanish, then starting your study by taking one of these practice exams will allow you to see how close you are to being ready to take the actual exam.

spanish clep practice test Above: A sample question from Part 1 of a practice test

Part 1b: Score Analysis Reports

When you complete one of our practice exams, a custom score report is generated based on the questions you missed. This is especially useful for the third section of the exam which covers reading comprehension and grammar. You will get detailed feedback on what topics you need to review, and the report even includes links to specific video lessons and activities from our 50-day Spanish course designed to teach those exact topics.

spanish clep practice test score analysis Above: A detailed score report showing what you need to work on

Part 2: Audio Practice Questions

Our course includes 204 audio practice questions that follow the same style and format of the questions from the first part of the CLEP exam -- generally, a short conversational prompt where you choose the Spanish audio response that makes the most sense. These questions are broken up into a variety of useful, common situations such as being at the airport, at a restaurant, or out with a friend, and are a great way to develop your listening comprehension while getting comfortable with the audio question format on the CLEP exam.

spanish clep audio practice Above: A sample practice question to develop your listening skills

Part 3: 50-Day Spanish Course

InstantCert's 50-Day Spanish Course was originally designed as a standalone course for students who want to learn Spanish from the ground up. It is perfect for students studying for the Spanish CLEP exam, however, because it heavily emphasizes Spanish grammar. It is based on college textbooks, covering all of the grammar and vocabulary you would learn in four semesters of college-level Spanish. Integrated with our practice tests and their score reports, you can study only the lessons you need, or the entire course if you would like to develop a high-level grasp of the Spanish language.

Everything You Need to Pass the Spanish CLEP

Whether you are have a background in Spanish or are a complete newbie to the language, InstantCert's course provides everything you need to evaluate where you stand and to quickly learn and develop the skills you need to achieve a high score on the CLEP.

TIP: Remember, the Spanish Language CLEP is one of the only CLEP exams where the amount of credit you earn depends on how high you score on the exam. It is not a simple case of pass-or-fail. Getting a few additional points can mean the difference between getting the full nine credits or coming out with only six credits.

With InstantCert, you are getting as much (or as little) as you need to ensure you do well on the Spanish CLEP. And if you are a student of Spanish, going through our course will not only prepare you for the CLEP exam, but it will also take you a long way towards gaining a high-level grasp of the Spanish language which you can use to work towards fluency.

Customer Test Results for this Exam

230 users submitted test results since February, 2006.
215 of those users reported a passing score (93%).

Below are ten of the most recent user-submitted test results. These are unfiltered, real results that were submitted by InstantCert students:

Date of ExamResultScore
Jul 8, 2024passed54
Jul 5, 2024passed50
Jul 3, 2024passed62
Jul 2, 2024passed66
Jun 7, 2024passed64
Apr 29, 2024passed57
Apr 4, 2024passed76
Mar 31, 2024passed60
Mar 26, 2024failed41
Mar 7, 2024passed64
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